Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Talking to Hyde Park Locals- Richard

This week's featured Hyde Park local is Richard, owner of a computer software development and training company. Here are his thoughts on the neighborhood:

How long have you lived in Hyde Park? What brought you to the neighborhood and/or what keeps you here?
15 years-- I moved here from NYC. My former mother in law lived in Regents Park, and I really liked it on visits.

How would you describe Hyde Park to someone who isn't familiar with it?
A little rumpled, bookish, left of center. Not pretentious or obvious.

You have friends visiting for the weekend-- What do you make sure to show them in the neighborhood?
Museum of Science and Industry, Oriental Institute

What is your favorite restaurant and/or business in the area? What about it do you like? What do you recommend there?
Valois (recommend breakfast and chicken pot pie), The Cove, Woodlawn Tap, Istria Cafe in the Hyde Park Art Center

How do you feel about the Harper Court development project and community re-development in general? How do you feel it will impact the neighborhood? What type of development would you like to see, if any?
Not enthused. Chicago already has a Lincoln Park, [we] don't need another.

What do you think the neighborhood is missing (if anything)? What do you see as the barriers to Hyde Park having this?
Good transit, bars, restaurants... I wish we had a hangout again, like Chances R, with the peanuts on the floor.

Overall, how do you feel about the neighborhood?
Good, but not as great as could be.

Bonus Question: Feel free to talk about any neighborhood-related issues or topics that I haven't touched on, suggest a question to be included in future interviews, and/or plug your own website or a cause you're passionate about.
I am passionate about pedestrian safety and public transit. My website is

Thanks to Richard for taking the time to complete the Q&A. If you're interested in being featured on the blog (and/or would like the opportunity to plug your business/website...), click here to complete my online interview.

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