Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Feature: Talking to Hyde Park Locals

I have a lot to say about the Hyde Park neighborhood, but I know that many of you do too. Hyde Park locals come in all different shapes and sizes and I would like for this blog to reflect as many different perspectives on the community as possible. With that said, I'm launching a new feature on Ms. Hyde Park in which I'll interview locals about how they feel about their community. Interested in sharing your thoughts? Fill out my survey here.

Today, my featured local is Alexco, a 28 year old supply chain analyst. Here's what he has to say about the neighborhood:

How long have you lived in Hyde Park? What brought you to the neighborhood and/or what keeps you here?
I have lived in Hyde Park for 1.8 years. My wife is a resident physician at U of C.

How would you describe Hyde Park to someone who isn't familiar with it?
I would describe the history involving the University and the people who have lived here. Definitely would highlight the diversity, culture, old world charm that Hyde Park can show people.

You have friends visiting for the weekend-- What do you make sure to show them in the neighborhood?
I would take them to Promontory Point, the Obama house, Frank Loyd Wright home, the University campus, Museum of Science and Industry, and Medici.

What is your favorite restaurant and/or business in the area? What about it do you like? What do you recommend there?
The Sit Down, The Snail, Park 52, Parkers Pets, Kimbark Liqueur store, and Hyde Park Produce.

How do you feel about the Harper Court development project and community re-development in general? How do you feel it will impact the neighborhood? What type of development would you like to see, if any?
Actually don't know too much about what the plans are for the redevelopment. If it creates jobs and attracts more people to local businesses while keeping/creating Hyde Park charm, then I'm probably glad to see it go forward.

What do you think the neighborhood is missing (if anything)? What do you see as the barriers to Hyde Park having this?
I think the neighborhood could use a more modern sports bar, more art galleries, more placesfor live music.

Overall, how do you feel about the neighborhood?
Overall I really like Hyde Park. I don't think it's a complete package or has some of the hipness that other neighborhoods have, but it is a very interesting and fun place to live.

Bonus Question: Feel free to talk about any neighborhood-related issues or topics that I haven't touched on, suggest a question to be included in future interviews, and/or plug your own website or a cause you're passionate about.
I think it's always good to have discussion about safety and what the neighborhood can do to look out for one another and prevent crime.

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  1. It's not everyday that you hear someone use the words "charm" and "Hyde Park" in the same sentence. Very cool.